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goodbye Yahoo, hello marriage - ferret down under [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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goodbye Yahoo, hello marriage [Aug. 17th, 2008|11:19 pm]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

So, as of the 1st of August I no longer work for Yahoo! - I quit.

Reason? I'm going to travel with my girlfriend (in 6 weeks - wife) around Australia for a couple of years, living out the back of a van taking photos, writing blogs and books before - in all likelihood - settling down and having kids and not being able to do such things so easily again.

Yahoo! doesn't do sabaticals, so I didn't really have much option other than quit. It was a truly awesome 3 years working for them, they're easily the best company I can imagine working for as an HTML/CSS/Javascript type person (MSN have low standards, Google don't really create many webpages). It has been great - started out as their first webdev in Australia, left having created a brilliant team with exceptionally high coding standards (not to mention - as a team - launching about 80 websites too).

Which all sounds (and is) brilliant, but no longer being an active Yahoo! employee, I find myself somewhat adrift on the web - I now lack the technical sources of information I've relied on for the last 3 years - Yahoo's international developer community was an excellent source and filter of cutting-edge technology information and news for everything I could possibly need, both daily in my inbox and on my every request.

Now I realise I have no incoming information on, well, anything. SEO developments? Nope. HTML 5? Nope. IE8? Nope. Not to mention all the Yahoo! tools and R&D projects I was up until now able to access and rely upon.

I feel like I've left the Navy for a raft and 5 days in realised I have no engines, no sonar, no radio, no crew.

Cripes, I may have to subscribe to *SlashDot*.