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spooky radio #3 - ferret down under [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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spooky radio #3 [Jan. 14th, 2007|11:44 pm]
Here's a picture of my spooky radio/turntable in action... note the first switch is down, in the 'off' position. You can't tell from this, but the turntable is turning.

spooky radio turntable

I shot a video too half a minute after it magically came on, but my hosting is down at the moment (that photo is hosted on my flickr account). Did all this with my new camera, got it about a week ago to replace my old tiny l'espion spy-cams that gave up the ghost ages ago. It's a Canon IXUS 60 - rather bigger, but rather better.. and still pocket sized even if not matchbox sized.

For the record, only thing of note today is that it's my last day off work - I've been on holiday since december 22nd as I worked a lot of overtime in the last quarter and Yahoo! were good enough to give me time-in-lieu.

Not done a 'sites launched' in like 10 months, so here we go (and you'll see why I did the overtime, although these are launch dates not start-work date as I imagine that's not something I'm allowed to talk about):

Yahoo!7 News
Yahoo!7 PR site
got promoted to Web Developer Manager, so personal output of sites dropped
Yahoo!7 Homepage (codename:spirit)
Yahoo!7 TV Portal
Yahoo!7 Music
Yahoo!7 Lifestyle Portal which consists of 10 magazine sub-sites:
Marie Claire
Men's Health
New Idea
Better Homes and Gardens
Home Beautiful
TV Hits
Total Girl