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ferret down under

a voyage to the country of the Houyhnhnms

24 August 1977
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At the moment I'm living in Sydney, Australia, near the coast of New South Wales. I was born in London, England and - having been around the country a little bit in the course of my life - ended up back in London for a few years working for various Web Agencies before coming out here to nice and sunny Australia. I'm living with my girlfriend in a relaxed end of of the city (very much like Newcastle NSW which I lived in for my first 2 years in australia). After a year of wandering around Newcastle finding interesting things to look at and explore and sitting on the beach reading a lot I finally got my finger out and got a job: I currently work for Yahoo!7 as a Web Development Manager (with hands-on web development work too - yay!)

Up until I moved to Australia here I was a web ferret - an internet researcher - and I surfed the web all day finding stuff for people or spying on online communities for organisations. Which was rather nice as I got to surf all day and get paid for the pleasure. Hoo-rah. I was also a developer - I HTML up websites all day long (both for work and for myself). I've done work for all sorts of big name brands and businesses as well as interesting cutting-edge companies on the rise. I am currently looking for interesting freelance website projects for my company unconundrum.net.

Hnuy illa nyha majah Yahoo